Origin of My Mind Set

What made me start creating this blog and it's really just a start.


I remember my mother used to say to me “mottainai”, when I accidentally drained some grains of rice along with water when rinsing the rice before cooking or when I tried to bin some of my old clothes which became out of my style but still wearable. Particularly with food she was strict. I was never allowed to leave any leftovers on my plate so I never saw food going into a bin. So I was extremely shocked when I saw people throwing their leftovers into a bin for the first time.

“We have to be thankful for being able to prepare the meal with these crops and we should never waste the effort put in to produce the crops by the farmers.”

This is again my mother's words yet it was originally said in Japanese. This mentality is very closely related to a spirit of Japanese culture. In Japanese culture, people believe every living nature has souls, thus we tend to view them somewhat differently than just objects. And because it is rooted in our nature, we instinctively think nothing should be wasted while the souls live. I feel this is also in my nature, and with the ethics of my mother and dreadful environmental issues, my concern for producing unnecessary waste has been growing over the years.

I became very conscious of the waste I produce.

Very often I catch myself hesitating to throw things into a bin when I knew it was neither recyclable nor biodegradable. It is almost hurting my feelings, really like every time I feel a baby punch around my sternum. The simplest idea to produce less waste is not to purchase products that will become waste in a short amount of time or come with packaging that is not recyclable nor biodegradable. And I did a little bit of that but still, I owned a lot of things that would become waste eventually. Then I started making use of things sitting around in my room mainly my clothes to make useful things out of them. It seemed like such a great idea to still enjoy my clothes in "new" ways with no waste and no money.

But it's not enough, is it?

Yes, I can do whatever I want but the effect of just me trying to save some waste going to landfill on a personal level is literally nothing on the environment. But then I found many other peope who are doing the same or even have their own refashion brands.

Why I curate; same concept, unique individuals and artisans.

I believe only one cannot make enough changes. Therefore, I decided to spread the words and reach out to likeminded people with a hope to help others to find their own way to be aware of the waste they produce and realise the value in it.

A great idea derives from another already existing great idea.

The core concept of Dear People on Earth, is not a “new” concept, it is a rather traditional way of thinking. And especially when it is a spirit of a culture, it is even more likely to be able to find people with similar or even the same idea within the culture. My purpose for this project is to spread this way of thinking all around the world in a speedy manner before it is too late. Hence, I thought I should reach out to people who support similar concepts and work together.

There are many artisans with superior ideas, sophisticated designs and professional skills.

And these artisans tend to locate their workspace in outskirts of popular areas/cities, where it is rarely reached by tourists and even people who live in Japan. However, I strongly believe that their craftmanship and their lifestyle speaks a lot in this current world. And I think it is important to make a flow of communication and share their thoughts and interests with people, especially with different cultural backgrounds and mindset.

I believe many of us will be able to hold wider perspectives through the crafts which are the representation of artisans' lifestyle.

Although I will be focusing on introducing artisans in Japan mostly, I am not limiting myself from discovering artisans around the world for sure.

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Stay curious and spread the word!

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