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I made some washable face masks out of fabrics and clothes I own. There is an opening in each maks so that you can insert a filter of your own choice.

I believe it is important for all of us to behave as if we all carry coronavirus during current times. I used my own clothes and fabrics as its material. And for the filter inside I used non-woven cloth I found in my kitchen. Instead of the filter comes with the face mask, you could use disposable non-woven kitchen cloth (you know the blue one in everyone’s kitchen?)or kitchen paper if you prefer. Maybe they work better as a filter. But don’t think that these reusable face masks even with the filters work perfectly like surgical masks! In general, face masks except for surgical masks which should only be used by carers for now, may prevent you from spreading germs but does NOT protect you from getting the germs into your system. These face masks inhabit only the elements of surgical masks. When making the face masks I referred to a Taiwanese doctor, Dr Chen Xiaoting, who made a reusable face mask and he used “microfiber melt-blown non-woven fabric” as a filter. (Google, Taiwanese doctor face mask) In Japan, a lot of people who suffer from hay fever wear face masks. So maybe these face masks would help you with that too?! I can’t be for sure as I don’t suffer from it luckily…

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