A Shirt to a Bag

This is one of my first attempts on sewing in a long time. I wanted a rucksack that hangs on my shoulder without slipping out and also with a back pocket (see the photo below).

I found a shirt that I rarely wore and it seemed strong enough to become a bag. So I started sewing by hand and on the half way I realised some thick parts are almost impossible to sew by hand so I decided to get a sewing machine on second hand. I did not use any pattern or follow instructions so I developed the design and functionality as I went. It is a smart idea to follow instructions and use existing patterns specially if you are not too familiar with sewing.

But I am just a kind of person who would be discouraged when trying to follow an instruction and ends up choosing to follow her own way. Hence, I make many mistakes and take long time to complete a project and yet sometimes I prefer this way because I learn a lot though the process and come up with cool ideas.

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